Microsoft Is Expanding Into Google’s Turf… Literally

Microsoft has recently revealed plans to purchase property in Mountain View, California that the company was already leasing from Google. The acquisition will be followed by an expansion of the 515,000 square foot property which would accomodate up to a thousand additional employees. Microsoft already has approximately two thousand employees in several locations around the Bay Area. These employees contribute to several projects including Skype, Outlook and of course, Xbox.

Executive vice president Qi Lu informed Microsoft employees about the planned acquisition in a company-wide email. “Microsoft is acquiring the Mountain View Silicon Valley Campus to build a state-of-the-art facility and create an exceptional place to work. Sustainability, collaboration, and health and wellness are at the center of the design, incorporating features such as team courtyards, easy access to the outdoors, an onsite gym, and LEED Platinum certification,” Lu stated in the email.

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