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Xbox: Microsoft Discontinues The Original Xbox One

Microsoft has stopped selling the original Xbox One on it’s U.S website. Within it’s online store customers now only have the option of buying the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, or refurbished models of the original design. On the company’s UK store the original console was listed as “out of stock”, however it has now been entirely removed from the website. Kotaku UK had recently reported that the electronics behemoth had stopped the production of the older model in favour of it’s new and upgraded counterpart so the news is unsurprising.

The news comes almost a year after Microsoft launched the Xbox One S. This redesign of the original Xbox One console came with a number of upgrades compared to it’s older sibling including a 4K Blu-Ray Player and greater processing power – all packed into a slimmer box (hence the S). Given that the Xbox One X releases later this year it makes sense that Microsoft would reduce the variety of consoles it has to offer so that there’s less confusion with regards to sales.

Released in 2013, the Xbox One has managed to accumulate over 26 million sales according to Business Insider, which is significantly less than the PlayStation 4’s 60 million units. It’s thought that the redesign and additional features of the Xbox One S was in order to make the unit more appealing to consumers in order to close the disproportionate gap in terms of sales figures.

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