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Microsoft Creative Director Hints at Phantom Dust Visual Upgrade

Earlier this year we broke a story on Phantom Dust potentially having a resolution of 480p. In the article we covered a couple of bases that pretty much assured that the game would indeed be non HD. Today the folks over at MSPowerUser have dug up new information that hints at a change in plans for the classic arena based esper game.

Like we originally stated in our original Phantom Dust 480p article, the wording around the definitive resolution for the game has always been loose. The General Manager of Microsoft Studios Publishing, Shannon Loftis, claimed in an interview with Polygon that Phantom Dust would be presented in its original rendering when asked whether or not the game would be 480p. Hints of visuals improvements for the cult classic dropped after we released our article. One such blatant example came from the head of Xbox himself, Phil Spencer. The Xbox chief took to Twitter to demonstrate a new screenshot of the game.

Not only was the head of Xbox touting the visual improvements but the man that has been pushing the reboot the most has also hinted at new info on Phantom Dust. Creative Director for Microsoft Studios, Adam Isgreen,┬áhas been a strong advocate for the return of Phantom Dust. Announcing an upcoming interview on a beloved returning franchise, Isgreen wasted no time in clarifying misinformation on Neogaf saying “There’s a very good reason Shannon said what she did about original rendering, but it’s no longer true.” Isgreen continues by saying after some information releases next week he would be happy to clarify any news on the game.

This would be a huge change in development of the game seeing as how Isgreen himself was not confident in saying the game would be HD. For now all we can do is wait and see what’s going on with Phantom Dust. The game is yet to have a release date but Phil Spencer has claimed in the past that it would release before the yearly E3 gaming convention. For more Phantom Dust news follow us @TiCGameNetwork.


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