Microsoft Commissions The Craziest Xbox Consoles Yet

In February China will celebrate the lunar new year which is otherwise known as the Year of the Monkey. If you have been a fan of Xbox then you probably know that Microsoft has never been shy about producing limited edition consoles and they have completely outdone themselves this year. To celebrate the new year, Microsoft selected eight artists from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These artists were commissioned to create some of the most unique consoles we have ever seen.

The vibrantly colorful Xbox One seen in the features image came from artist Cay Kou who says the design was inspired by the ancient carvings and architecture found within the Forbidden City in Beijing.


Hong Kong designer Jan Curious patterned this console after the Yin Yang.


The pair of Hong Kong artists behind the team Graphic Airlines opted to build a model of Monkey Mountain to decorate a standard Xbox One console.


Kevin Chou of Taiwan took Year of the Monkey literally when he designed this console. Just look at those big ears and adorable tail on the back. Microsoft has confirmed that the yellow Xbox One controller symbolizes a banana. I want the banana controller.


There is more to this Xbox One console than meets the eye. Fashion Designer Zoie Lam placed a Panama Orange into the design. The fruit is said to represent good luck in the new year and the square shape symbolizes shaking up traditions and embarking on a new beginning.


Did you get a Lego vibe from this console? That may be due to the fact that actual building blocks were used to create the exterior. A pair of spinning monkeys offer the peaches of immortality while the lanterns represent eternal happiness.


Mmmmm…. chocolate. This console was inspired by a box of gourmet chocolates nestled within shiny gold wrappers. Notice the Xbox-inspired chocolate coins and the similarly themed controller.


The Golden Sand Ingot. Taiwanese artist Song-Kuan Wang used actual gold ingots in this outrageous design. The console face and controller also have a sparkling gold finish.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has no plans to sell these amazing consoles.

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