Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Comes to the Nintendo Switch

Xbox owners may remember a platformer from a few years ago named Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. This sequel to the WiiWare and DS title Max and the Magic Marker was released on the Xbox One in late 2013, and on Xbox 360 and PC months afterward. Since about a week ago, however, it has been independent from Xbox platforms.

November 10th saw the release of the Playstation 4 version thanks to the developer and publisher of the project, respectively, Flashbulb Games and Wired Productions. There will also be a version of the game released for the Nintendo Switch on December 21 – courtesy of that version’s publisher, Stage Clear Studios.

This comes after the fact that Press Play, the development team of the original release, was closed down by Microsoft. It is worth noting that Flashbulb Games is composed of former employees of Press Play; it appears that they were able to take the IP back from Microsoft’s hands during the closing. That can only be a fortunate thing, since Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is an enjoyable game that could use a larger audience. You can buy Max: The Curse of Brotherhood right now for PS4, or you can wait for it to be available on the Nintendo eShop on December 21st. It is priced at $14.99 for all consoles.

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