Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Sells Poorly on PSN During September Release

Capcom is having a string of bad luck when it comes to their fighting games. After fighting game darling Street Fighter 5 debuted at lower than expected profit margins, hope was quickly transferred over to a new Marvel vs Capcom game to bring the company back to it’s former glory.

Fans had begged Marvel and Capcom to collaborate once again. To bring back the franchise that they loved so much. Unfortunately for fans of the series both companies had gone through significant changes that would result in a less than palatable fighting game on release. Visual issues on the character models quickly churned a social media disaster. Characters like Chun Li and Captain America were criticized for their appearances. Not only that but a lot of fan favorite characters were left out. Remember the X-Men? Capcom doesn’t and they don’t believe you do either. In an interview with Gamespot Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s Director of Production had the following to say “Your modern Marvel fan, maybe they don’t even remember some of the X-Men characters, but they know some of the Guardians characters or Black Panther. You know what I mean?” The statement caused quite a buzz as fans of the series had followed the franchise since its origin as an X-Men only game.

Left Behind

High profile games such as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite often release at the top of the sales charts during their respective release months but this time around the MvC franchise has been left behind. According to the official PlayStation Blog, MvCI entered the month of September at number 19 in the PSN Top Downloads chart. One could argue that with a release date of September 19th that MvCI had only a week or two to get the sales ramping up but the fact of the matter is that there are several games on that list that have already been out for months and some even years. Friday the 13th: The Game, Rocket League, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and Minecraft beat out house hold name Marvel. In comparison the online Microsoft Store details the current top paid Xbox games and MvCI isn’t even on the first page. You would have to scroll down to the bottom of the second page passing several older games to eventually reach MvCI.



Anyway you look at it, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite isn’t lighting up the gaming world. With Marvel’s now dominant box office success and Capcom’s experience in the fighting game genre it should have been an easy home run but unfortunately for them it looks as though the company will have to play catch up with monthly updates in order to get it on par to fan expectations.

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