Marvel Released a Teaser Trailer for The Punisher

This week we witnessed the unification of the Netflix heroes thanks to the new show The Defenders. The Netflix dream team contains characters such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Dare Devil, and Iron Fist. One particular name was not included and that may be due to the trailer Netflix dropped today. Let’s take a look at The Punisher teaser trailer.

As you can see from this teaser trailer, you don’t really get a glimpse of any modern day scenes. Instead you witness past memories of The Punishers. Memories that made him the man he is. Memories of his deceased family. If you don’t know who this character is then you need to watch the second season of The Daredevil.

Sadly no plans have been announced to bring the shows and the Marvel Cinematic Universe together. Maybe someday Marvel will allow these characters to all cross paths. In the mean time watch the first season of The Defenders. All the episodes are available right now to enjoy. Once the full trailer for The Punisher is released TiCGN will notify you.

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