Marvel Phase 4 Movie Release Dates Revealed-SDCC 2019- Updated


7:56 pm

Here is the full list of Phase 4 movies and shows that was announced. They include:

Look out for more news in the future for these movies:

7:18 pm

The event is over and some of those dates are not movies. Take a look at some of the shows coming to Disney+.

The Marvel panel in Hall H is happening right now. One of the first things discussed was the upcoming movies set in Phase 4. The past movies from the last ten years will now be known as The Infinity Saga. Take a look at the dates below.

The Eternals was one of the movies that just got announced as I’m writing this. Keep on the site for more news as I can cover it. Also seven movies in one year? I can’t wait until they announce them all. Heres hoping for some X-Men news.

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