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Marvel Heroes Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary

Today is the start of the 4th Anniversary Celebration Event for Marvel Heroes 2016. This marks the beginning of a slew of special events, sales, and server wide boosts that will last all month long! Now is a great time to get into the game and have a ton of fun while enjoying the celebration. Check out the details of all the special events below.

For the entire month, you’ll be able to collect Cake Slices from defeating any enemies throughout the game, which you can exchange at the Anniversary Event Vendor in Avenger’s Tower. Rewards available include 3 special Team-Up characters, 2 crates of 500 Eternity Splinters, cosmic versions of the two Civil War artifacts (Best in slot for many heroes in many builds!), and more. Also included is a short mission to rescue the canine visitor from Knowhere, Cosmo! You can also collect special Cake Buffs in many areas; after collecting 5 of these buffs you will be treated to a special loot explosion, full of cake slices, cosmic items, and more.


  • Server Side Boost – 150% XP
  • Cosmic Leveling – Cosmic Leveling XP Bonus
  • Anniversary Tournament – Live throughout the entire event
  • Train Yard Sentinel Danger Room Tournament – Live throughout the entire event

6/2 to 6/7 – WEEK 1 Events & Sales!

  • Cosmic Chaos – Cosmic bosses drop double loot & more!
  • Mystic Mayhem – Defeat the Demon Lord N’astirh in Infernal Limbo, Legendary Mystic Scroll drops, higher rare rune drop rates, Strike on Limbo mission, and more!
  • 15% Bonus G Sale – Receive 15% Bonus G on any G bundle purchased.
  • Half Off Heroes – All Heroes are 50% OFF when purchased individualy!
  • Variant Costumes – All Variants are back in the store!

6/8 to 6/14 – WEEK 2 Events & Sales!

  • Midtown Madness – Head to Midtown for a chance at very rare items such as the Midtown Fortune Card, an increased chance to roll cosmic or unique items, and more!
  • ARMOR Incursion – ARMOR Defender Mission, ARMOR Drives, Exclusive Items & Artifacts, Enchant Recipes, and more!
  • Week 2 Mystery Sales – Come back to see which sales will be live!

6/15 to 6/21 – WEEK 3 Events & Sales!

  • Odin’s Bounty – Active EVERYWHERE all week!
  • Operation Omega – Faster Omega Leveling, Daily Double Omega Orb Shared Quest, Exclusive Items & Artifacts, and more!
  • Week 3 Mystery Sales – Come back to see which sales will be live!

6/22 to 6/28 – WEEK 4 Events & Sales!

  • ALL ANNIVERSARY EVENTS & SALES – Ending the Anniversary Celebration with a bang… ALL events and sales from the previous weeks of Anniversary are active all at once!

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