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Marvel Heroes 2016 Rebranded, Spider-Woman Confirmed Playable + Other News

It’s an exciting time for Marvel Heroes players!

The PC version was finally rebranded¬†from “Marvel Heroes 2016” to “Marvel Heroes Omega” to line up with the console version. Does this mean the long-awaiting Omega items and Omega difficulty are right around the corner? It could be!

Perhaps the biggest news was the “reveal” of Spider-Woman. Yesterday, a user found her in the Test Center client completely by accident while opening Spider-Man Homecoming Fortune Cards.

The player took to the official forums and posted the above screenshot, asking if this was a mistake or real. This led to a lot of speculation, claims of the photo being fake or photoshopped, and more. Finally, one of the developers came forward and confirmed that she was, indeed, going to be playable. Her default costume will be her red and yellow look, while her first alternate costume will be her Marvel NOW look. She will also be released simultaneously for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Mac.

Many fans have been very eagerly been suggesting Spider-Woman to be a playable hero for a couple of years. The wait is nearly over! With Spider-Woman’s confirmation, this means players will have at least three new playable heroes coming out this year. Carnage should be live in the next few weeks (costing 400 Eternity Splinters), pending any issues, followed by Spider-Woman and Unworthy Thor in the coming months. No time frame has been announced for the last two.

Lastly, some shreds of news about the upcoming Apocalypse content was leaked, in the form of Four Horsemen costumes for Storm, Majik, Jean Gray, and Psylocke. They were also confirmed to be bosses in the new Apocalypse terminal.

Marvel Heroes’ future looks bright indeed! Stay tuned for more news and updates as they come.

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