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Marvel Heroes 2016: Fortune Cards and You

Like nearly all free-to-play games, Marvel Heroes 2016 subscribes to the in-game store/micro-transactions business model. Aside from heroes, team-ups, and costumes, one of the biggest things they have for sale in their store are the many Fortune Cards. Each different type of card has a random chance of containing different items from a few different tiers of loot. Many have exclusive loot in the form of special costumes or Team-Up characters.

It’s all about luck.

Let’s put this out there from the get-go: what you get is entirely random. Sure, loot is divided into tiers for each card, but you could buy dozens of a specific card and STILL not get that Epic Tier costume you’re aiming for. Or…you could buy one and get exactly what you wanted. It’s a gamble to be sure, but when you finally get what you wanted it’s a sweet feeling. Even if you don’t get those awesome costumes, you’ll still get other stuff such as Boosts, Infinity Orb cases, and other things. Now, let’s talk pricing. Each Fortune Card, if bought individually, will run you about one US dollar. However, it’s much better to buy the bundles or boxes of cards for a hefty discount. This gets you more cards for less cash, and is well worth it.

Each time Marvel Heroes introduces a special event into the game, usually celebrating a new Marvel Cinematic Universe film, it will have a new Fortune Card to come with it. Each card generally has a theme and contains special themed loot. For example, when the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 film released, it had it’s own Fortune Card. Inside that card, you could get special Drax and Gamora Vol. 2 Team-Ups, special flourishes, and even a cute Baby Groot pet! These Team-Ups, and in some case exclusive costumes, are the main draws for purchasing Fortune Cards. Fortune Card loot is almost exclusively available from the in-game store, with the only exception being Fortune Card MK I; these can be purchased from an NPC in Avenger’s Tower for Cube Shards.

If you are the kind of person who always has the worst luck, fear not. Most Fortune Cards contain a fail-safe in the form of card currency. Each time you open a Fortune Card, you’ll get a special currency item associated with that card. Collect enough of these, and you can turn them in for whatever item you wanted from that card at the above mentioned NPC. So even if you do have the rottenest luck, there’s still means available to you to obtain that highly sought after costume or Team-Up.

During my time buying and opening Fortune Cards, I experience luck that teetered on both ends of the spectrum. For some card series, I got the exclusive loot fairly quickly. While other series took many, many more cards to obtain. By far the worst luck I experienced was when I was trying to get the Destroyer Thor Costume, pictured below. While this is available from the special vendor I mentioned earlier (Fortune Card MK I), I thought it would be faster to buy a box of them. Judging from my previous luck with some card series, I figured I’d get the costume fairly quickly. I was very, very wrong. It took me several boxes (32 cards per box) to get this specific costume, and I also got two Captain America costumes I didn’t even want. I asked around in-game about how players fared when they bought fortune cards, and they expressed similar situations of luck.

Give one a try! You might get lucky!

While bad luck might keep some players from trying their fortunes with these cards, the payoff when you finally get that costume or item you wanted is enormous. I can’t  tell you how excited I was when I finally saw the Destroyer Thor costume pop up in my inventory! So if you’re feeling lucky, give a few Fortune Cards a shot. They’ll earn you some sweet exclusive loot, as well as bragging rights within the game’s community if you manage to snag an epic tier item. You never know what’s hidden inside.

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