Marvel Heroes 2016 – Character Overview – Deadpool


600 Eternity Splinters


Deadpool has a couple of builds you can utilize: ranged and melee. Many players tend to favor his ranged build, as his melee build isn’t as hard hitting as the ranged build. Utilizing a plethora of different guns, Deadpool rains bullets upon his foes. From handguns to a minigun to a rocket launcher to a bow with a special hulk arrow, Deadpool always has the right tool for the job.

Wade has a special decoy doll that taunts enemies, which can be used to keep enemy focus off of him so he is safe from damage. This ability runs on charges which recharge every few seconds, and he can throw up to 3 dolls at once. He can also access his Healing Factor, regenerating a portion of his total health over time. Not many characters have a heal like this and instead have to rely on their S.H.I.E.L.D. medkits, but Deadpool can use both for a quick top-off should his HP drop too low.

The crown of Deadpool’s kit is his ability to hack the server. Using his Server Lag ability, he can cause all enemies currently onscreen to be unable to act or move for a brief period. Use this to setup punishment after you’ve grouped enemies together.


Bang Bang – Random violence at a distance is fun.

Bodyslide By One – Stolen Cable tech that lets you teleport and stuff.

Real Armor Buster – So you have a tank’s cannon. Okay then.

Foot Gougers – And THIS little piggy went “OH GOODNESS I’M BLEEDING VERY BADLY NOW!”

Flesh Wound – Like, a LOT of flesh wounds.

Awesome Lunge of Death – To clarify: It’s not death for you, because that’d be kinda dumb…even for Deadpool.

Shoot All the Bullets – Just hold down the trigger ’til it’s empty.

Li’l Deadpool – Everyone will THINK this decoy is the real Deadpool, right up until it explodes in their faces. Classic.

Hulk Hand Arrow – It’s never a bad idea to stop by a toy store before a fight.

Slam Jam – Come on and slam! With a big freakin’ hammer!

Merc With A Mouth – I’m getting paid for this, right? Are you still here?

Stabby Flip – So you jump over a dude and then you stab him and he goes all “Uhh…” and stumbles away and it’s just awesome, believe us.

Not-So-Minigun – It’s kind of like electronic music but with bullets.

Bang Boom Pow – This bazooka is why comics aren’t for kids anymore.

Canadian Devil – If cutting down everybody in the room isn’t enough for you, you can also shoot everybody. At the same time. There’s a lot of ouch.

Cutting Room Floor – I was going to save this for the director’s cut, but I guess we can chop everybody up now instead.

Server Lag – Psst! Listen up, but keep this just between you and me. This power hacks into the game server to make all enemies non-responsive for a brief period. They literally won’t know what hit ’em! Also, dev hacks…just sayin’.

Superior Healing Factor – Who needs a Med Kit when you have this power?

Kitchen Sink – It probably should say “BUT the kitchen sink”, but who’s counting?

Wade’s Ride – It’s much cooler than Wolverine’s.

My Thoughts

Deadpool is a super fun character to play. All of his abilities fit him to a T, and his spoken lines and dialog are spot on. I think it’s the same voice actor from the Deadpool video game, so that’s even better!

With great damage dealing potential, and his own heal, players shouldn’t have any issues acclimating to Deadpool and his kit. I like to use his ranged build, using his dolls, the hulk arrow, bazooka, and armor buster to compliment the barrage of bullets his handguns fire off in between. Tops things off with the Headpool pet. Just do it. Trust me.

Equipment Suggestions

Deadpool’s Solt 2-5 uniques are best in slot, but for Slot 1 use a Heavily Modified Mercenary Assault Rifle. This has a chance to fire an explosive round that deals 50,000 damage to yor target, adding to Deadpool’s damage output greatly.

His Legendary should be the Savage Axe of Area, which gives critical hit rating, and brutal strike damage/rating, further increasing his damage output.

His base damage is modified by 5% of his Awesome level, so items that increase Spirit (or in Wade’s case, his Awesome) are best in his Artifact slots. If you can get your hands on an Improved Arc Reactor, do it!

Using Wasp’s Insignia is a great choice, as it grants dodge rating when you are attacked, as well as critical hit rating and critical damage rating when you hit with a Ranged power.

Character Rating: 9/10

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