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Marvel Heroes 2016 – Character Overview – Ant-Man


Scott Edward Harris Lang was born in Coral Gables, Florida. A movie fanatic, he turned to burglary when his occupation as an electrical engineer failed to provide him with enough excitement in life. (This was later retconned with the statement that he did so because he couldn’t support his family). Apprehended, Lang served his prison sentence and was paroled after four years for good behavior. In prison, he furthered his study of electronics and was soon hired by Stark International to work in its design department. Under Tony Stark’s direction, he helped install a new security system in Avengers Mansion.

When his daughter Cassie became seriously ill, Scott Lang sought out Dr. Erica Sondheim, the only person capable of helping her. However, at the very moment he attempted to contact her, Sondheim was forcibly taken away to Cross Technological Enterprises, and in order to get her out, he decided to return to burglary as a final resort. He broke into Dr. Hank Pym’s home and stole the Ant-Man suit and shrinking gas canisters. Garbed as Ant-Man, Lang broke into Cross Enterprises and discovered that Sondheim was being held prisoner by Darren Cross. He rescued the doctor from Cross’ clutches and was relieved when Sondheim was able to save his beloved Cassie’s life. Lang had intended to return the Ant-Man suit to Pym and turn himself in for its theft, but Pym, aware of the use to which Lang had put the stolen goods, offered to let him keep them, provided he only use them to uphold the law




400 Eternity Splinters


Ant-Man has a few neat tricks up his sleeve. Using his suit, he can shrink down to tiny size and pummel enemies. He can also zip from enemy to enemy delivering fast blows, but he can also summon ants with his attacks to deal additional damage over time. Utilizing the tech from his suit, he can also fire bio-electric blasts, command ants to form objects (fists) or structures (walls), and also expand to a large size to deliver a gigantic stomp attack. Ant-Man can be a very fun hero to play.


Shrinking Strike – Shrink down and deliver a series of tiny, yet powerful blows.

Friends in Low Places – With your specially designed helmet, you can summon loads of your little insect friends. Ants may not seem dangerous, but with some guidance…they can do almost anything.

Can’t Catch Me – Small, but fast. With your advanced speed and strength, you can hop around the map, damaging enemies all day.

Tiny Takedown – Pick a target and launch into a tiny-sized frenzy as you leap up to an enemy delivering powerful blow after blow.

Red Hots – It’s time for the right ant for the right job. Select a specific are and unleash a scourge of fire ants on those enemies to damage targets over a prolonged period of time.

Fistful of Ants – Form a giant fist out of ants and smash the ground, sending shockwaves of damage to your nearby foes.

Bouncing Bullet – Modified in strength and speed, you can ricochet from enemy to enemy, like some kind of jerk-seeking missile.

Inch-High Good-bye – Though shrunken, you still possess your full grown strength. Demonstrate for everyone what a small punch can do with tons of power.

Bio-Electric Blast – When shrinking doesn’t solve all your problems, you can always strike your enemies with a heaping dose of stinger.

Drone Strike – Attack your enemies with a swarm of flying ants, slowing them down in the process.

The Definite Particle – Pym Particles, they’re what’s for breakfast. Take a healthy dose and get stronger, while overloading your bio-electric stingers to project concussive damage.

Little Car Throw – Throw a car that stuns, and deals massive damage to all enemies hit.

What Was That? – Stark has his toys, and you have yours. With the latest Pym Technology, this suit is specifically designed to protect its wearer from all sorts of battlefield hazards.

Ant Decoy – Distract Enemies with a decoy made entirely out of ants.

For The Colony! – Summon a tidal wave of ants to overwhelm all enemies in your path. If they didn’t want to get overrun by ants, then they really shouldn’t have insulted their queen.

Wall O’ Ants – Block enemies and their attacks with a well-constructed wall made of ants.

Signature Ability – Big Foot Sighting – Grow to titanic proportions and show your enemies a side of you they’ve never seen before: under your foot.

Ultimate Ability – Antnado – Mount your faithful flying ant and traverse the map engulfed in a tornado of ants, damaging any who would dare threaten the security of the colony.


My Thoughts

Ant-Man is a very small, but powerful little fighter. DO NOT Underestimate him in any situation. His blows might be small, but they are fast and powerful. With his ants backing him up, he does tremendous damage over a period of time. Throw in his tech and you have tools for just about any situation. I built him as a tanky fighter, stacking HP, Damage Rating, and Damage Reduction to give him the bulk and power needed to hit hard and fast.

You do not have to follow any specific build yourself, as most of his abilities are extremely fun to play with. Who doesn’t like pulling a tiny car out of your pocket, then tossing it at enemies as it enlarges back to full size and explodes? Who doesn’t want to fling a giant wall of ants to engulf their foes? Mix and match his abilities to find the most fun build for yourself, and roll with it. You can then gear up around those abilities and be a tiny force to be reckoned with.

Equipment Suggestions

For the build I went with, the stats to focus on when gearing Ant-Man up are Damage Rating, Critical Hit Rating, Health, Defense Rating, Intelligence, and Speed.

For enchantments, choose Health and Attack Speed %.

For his Uru-Forged Runeword, go with The Power Doop.

For Relics, go with Atlantis for Health and Critical Damage Rating.

Character Rating: 7/10


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