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Marvel Heroes 2016 – Character Overview – Angela


Angela was born as Aldrif Odinsdottir, daughter of Odin and Frejya. As their first-born child, she was the rightful heir to the throne of Asgard. One of the realms, Heven, was waging war with Asgard. When Aldrif was still a newborn, she was kidnapped by the Queen of Heven. The queen then used Aldrif as a means to coerce Odin into surrender. When he refused, she “killed” Aldrif.

Odin was so overcome with anger and guilt that he tapped into his inner power, and severed Heven from the rest of the realms and banished it from Yggdrasill. Aldrif was soon discovered by a handmaiden of the Queen to be alive. She was taken in as her daughter and given the name of Angela. As Angela grew, she was the subject of ridicule by the other angels as she did not have wings. After the disappearance of her “mother”, Angela became ruthless and restless, training and fighting, and eventually becoming the leader of the hunt.

During her time in Heven, she was rescued by a priestess named Sera, who she, in return, saved from her imprisonment. When Sera’s former master came for her and offered information on the whereabouts of Angela’s mother in exchange, Angela turned down the offer and realized the love she felt for Sera. It wasn’t long after this that Sera was killed in battle, and despite her many attempts to bring her back, Angela was unsuccessful.

On Earth, Wolverine was attempting to travel through time to stop the rise of Ultron. In doing so, he ripped a hole in the space-time continuum. Angela was pulled through and arrived in the realm of Midgard.

She traveled the universe for a bit, exploring, trying to find her way, when she learned that Heven was being opened by Thor and Loki. She returned to defend her home and defeated Thor in combat. It was not much longer after this when Odin saw her and recognized her as his daughter. He offered for her to join them in Asgard, but she refused the offer. She was also banished from Heven upon their learning of her heritage.


400 Eternity Splinters


Angela has a few builds you can utilize, making her a very versatile yet adaptable fighter. Most of her builds center around fast movements, bleeds, or area damage.

Angela has a very unique mechanic called Heven’s Wrath. This is her primary resource. Instead of spending spirit when she uses an ability, she has access to her abilities for free. As she does battle, her Wrath bar fills up. When it is full, she gains a buff called Rage of Asgard. Once this buff activates, she uses her Wrath to perform her abilities at a large cost. However, she has no cooldowns, allowing her to spam her best abilities until her Wrath is drained. Once it is emptied, her cooldowns will return to their normal state and she will start to gain Wrath again.

Angela has three power types. Sword powers, Ichor powers, and Ribbon powers. Some powers have multiple tags, but all of them will be tagged with at least one of these. There is a general theme among these powers. Sword powers generate wrath at a much higher rate than the others. Ichor powers have the ability to do extra damage to enemies that are affected by the bleed debuff. Ribbon powers regenerate health and cause bleeds.


Rending Blades – Slash through oncoming foes with your golden sweeps of the Blades of Ichor bound together at their hilts.

Rage of Xiphos – Unleash a flurry of blows with your sword, Xiphos, shredding enemies in front of you.

Writhing Ribbons – Your ribbons reach out to trip up enemies, making them vulnerable.

Whirling Wrath – Spin your Blades of Ichor around you in a circle of crimson, punishing enemies who have already been bloodied by your attacks.

Hevenly Charge – Dash through enemies with sword brandished, your ribbons punctuating with a deadly flourish.

Binding Ribbons – Constrict enemies before you with living ribbons, binding them where they stand.

Know My Name and Weep – Inflict critical wounds on an enemy with a bold thrust of Xiphos.

Ichor’s Wrath – Dispatch your enemies with Ichor’s brutal edge.

Hypnotic Ribbons – Your ribbons flow into a hypnotic dance, confusing and angering enemies around you.

Hunter’s Blades – Cut down enemies before you with sweeping, gleaming arcs of your sword and blades.

Angelic Smite – Take flight and dive into the middle of a group of enemies, Xiphos at the ready.

Piercing Ribbons – Hold down the hotkey to set your ribbons to pummel enemies directly in front of you.

Heven’s Fury – Incapacitate your enemies as you storm headstrong into the fray, rushing from target to target – faster than they can blink – in one swift motion.

Stunning Ichors – Fling your Blades of Ichor, damaging and stunning all enemies in their path.

Signature Ability – Nothing for Nothing – Fly into a frenzy of gleaming slashes at blinding speed, building to a powerful crescendo on the final strike.

Ultimate Ability – Hel and Back – Unleash the full potential of your weaponry, training, and heritage in a glorious display of golden power.


My Thoughts

Angela has a very nice kit. Her ribbons can setup bleeds and vulnerabilities on surrounding enemies while you lay waste to them afterwards with Xiphos and the Blades of Ichor. I think the Rage of Asgard mechanic is very cool, however saving it for clutch moments sometimes proves to be a little difficult. I set her up as melee fighter, utilizing some of her Ribbons to put the enemies at a disadvantage and then hit them hard and fast with Ichor’s Wrath, Rage of Xiphos, and Nothing For Nothing as much as possible once Rage of Asgard was triggered.

Although she is described as a very tanky character, I had a little trouble with staying alive when I first hit level 60 with her. However, this quickly became a non-issue once I got some gear and assigned a few Infinity Points. I have yet to pass her Cosmic Trial, but I am trying out a few more builds for her which take time to get items together for.

Equipment Suggestions

The stats to focus on when gearing her up are Critical Hit Rating, Critical Hit Damage, Health, Defense Rating, Durability, and Speed.

For enchantments, choose Health and Critical Damage Rating.

For her Uru-Forged Runeword, go with Unstoppable Force.

For Relics, go with Atlantis for Health and Critical Damage Rating.

Character Rating: 8/10



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