Major Dark Souls III Announcement Coming Next Week

Ashen Ones rejoice! Next week, on August 24, we will be treated to a “major announcement” regarding Dark Souls III. News comes by way of the official Dark Souls Twitter account where they have posted:

Huge news on the way, folks. ‘What is it?” You ask? Well, you’re going to have to wait to find out.

dark souls III - TiCGN

Attached to the tweet is a picture with the August 24 date and not much else. So let’s speculate shall we?

Back in April Bandai-Namco confirmed with VideoGamer that the first DLC pack has a release window of this fall with the second DLC pack coming at a later date not yet revealed. So it’s fair to assume the announcement next week will be details regarding the first DLC pack. Hopefully Bandai-Namco releases a trailer showing off new bosses, enemies, weapons, etc. and most importantly the release date. If it’s anything other than some form of that; I’ll be hugely disappointed.

Dark Souls III was released back in April of this year, receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike as well as commercial success. Not only did it become the fastest selling Dark Souls game, it also is the fastest selling game in the history of Bandai-Namco.

If you have never played a Souls game (excluding Bloodborne), Dark Souls III is a perfect jumping point to the genre. While it doesn’t play as fast as Bloodborne, it also doesn’t play as slow as the prior Dark Souls games. From Software was able to reach a happy median. The difficulty is still there, but it doesn’t penalize you for dying like it did in Dark Souls II and trust me, you will die. It says that on the box for a reason but when it comes to Action-RPG’s, Dark Souls III sits amongst the finest of the genre.

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