Mafia: Trilogy Announced

Family. Power. Respect.


The open-world crime action franchise Mafia is back with not just one remaster, but overhauls for all three titles. 2K Games and Hanger 13 revealed plans via a short teaser highlighting the protagonists of all three games. The teaser also confirms Mafia: Trilogy for Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One. An official unveiling is set for May 19th.

But Mafia fans got even more tidbits this morning, as a Microsoft Store leak showed off some gorgeous screenshots of an appropriately titled Mafia: Definitive Edition with a possible release date listed; August 28th 2020. A listing for Mafia II: Definitive Edition was also spotted.

Considering it’s been almost twenty years since the original Mafia launched on PC and the recent run of successful remasters the franchise could be primed for a big comeback using this Trilogy as a launching point. While the last release, 2016’s Mafia III was fairly buggy a decent core still remains. So with some touching up it should be exciting to see the fully realized vision of  the underrated franchises most recent outing.

When more news on Mafia: Trilogy is available, TiCGamesNetwork will keep you posted.