Madden 19 Is Coming This August

Madden 19 is coming this Summer to a console near you. The extremely successful American football franchise is coming out on August 10th. Gamers will be able to play it on the Xbox One and PS4. Sorry, no Switch version has been announced as of yet.

The cover athlete for the standard edition is yet to be announced. If you want the Hall of Fame edition you will find none other then Terrell Owens on the cover. The thing is, he won’t be wearing his San Francisco 49ers uniform on the cover. Look forward to seeing him wearing his Dallas Cowboys uniform. He even posted about it on Friday using his Instagram account.

Be on the look out for the standard version’s cover athlete announcement. Players an pre-order Madden 19 right now as a digital version or a physical copy. Its entirely up to the player. Madden 19 will be out on August 10th for regular players, buying the Hall of Fame version will get you the ability to play on August 7th. There will of course be a trial on EA Access.

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