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Lord of Vermillion Anime Debuts In July

According to the official websitesite for the Lord of Vermillion anime, the series has finally been given a release schedule. The series will make its debut this July. The news comes from an article on Anime News Network.

Lord of Vermillion is based on the collectible card game from Square Enix that launched way back in 2008. The game was so popular would go on to release Lord of Vermillion II, Lord of Vermillion Re: 2, Lord of Vermillion III and IV as well as an Arena PC game.

Before you go, check out the promotional poster below.

Lord of Vermillion-TICGN

If you haven’t heard of Lord Vermillion before here is a brief synopsis: “set in the year 2030, when a mysterious red mist accompanied by a strange high frequency resonance engulfs the city of Tokyo, rendering every living thing there unconscious. Suspecting an unknown virus, the Japanese government re-locates to Osaka and quarantines the city, but after 6 days the residents of Tokyo awaken, seemingly unharmed. Life begins to return to normal in Tokyo, but soon young people begin developing strange, supernatural abilities stemming from the power of their blood. “

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