Limbo Listed Free in Xbox Store Using Xbox One Smartglass

Those of you who remember and loved the 2010 game Limbo, you’d be pleased by this news.

According to a TICGN member, it seems that Limbo is available to be downloaded for free on the Xbox Store for Xbox One.

For those of you who don’t know, Limbo was developed by Playdead back in 2010 for the Xbox Live Arcade. It is a 2D siderscroller puzzle-platformer with black and white visuals. It uses film grain, minimal ambient sounds and lighting to make a creepy atmosphere for the player as you push on through their journey as they try to find their sister. It was ranked as the third highest best-selling game on the Xbox Live Arcade, making around  $7.5 million. It was given very positive reviews as well. Metacritic gave it a 88%, IGN gave it a 9/10 and Common Sense Media gave it a 5/5.

If by the end of this you’re thinking “huh, maybe I’ll give it a try,” then be my guest. It’s free after all.



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