Konami Celebrates 50 Years With Castlevania, Contra, and More

Konami has been around for 50 years. To celebrate this historic anniversary the company will be three collections of some classic games. The first Anniversary Collection is all about those Arcade Classics. Players will be able to pick from eight different games that hit the arcades back in the 80’s. Twin Bee, Scrambler, Haunted Castle, and more will be available to play on April 18th. The collections will only be available as digital content for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch, and Steam. This goes for all three collections.

Later this Summer be on the look out for the Contra and Castlevania Collections. Right now only a few games have been announced for each of those collections. In the Contra Anninersay Collection we have Contra, Super Contra, Contra C, and Contra III: The Alien Wars. The last four have yet to be announced. The Castlevania Anniversary Collection we know of four game. Castlevania, Castlevania Ⅲ Dracula’s Curse, Castlevania Ⅱ Belmont’s Revenge, and Super Castlevania Ⅳ. To be able to play these classic Nintendo games on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One really is something special.

All three of these collections will come with an exclusive eBook that sheds some light on the development of those game in the collections. Once those other games are announced we will let you know.

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