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Kirby Star Allies Gets a Launch Date for Switch

In the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, the company revealed the release date for Kirby Star Allies. The game will launch on March 16, 2018. This 2D platformer is the first title in the popular franchise to appear on the Switch.

As we covered before, Kirby will have the new ability to convert enemies into allies in this entry. The tiny pink hero will also have the power to combine abilities for the first time since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, albeit in a different way. In the latest trailer, we can get a glimpse of some of the feats Kirby can perform with a team. Naturally, the game will take advantage of the Switch’s detachable Joy-Cons for multiplayer in horizontal mode. Up to four people can play together with those who are not the portly protagonist taking control of the minion recruits.

The video also shows off some new copy abilities. Artist Kirby can summon living paintings to fight on his behalf or simply whack foes with his brush. Spider Kirby can ensnare enemies and toss them around. The Nintendo Direct Mini shows contains some footage of boss battles as well. Along with the return of Meta Knight, we can see a party taking on the Frozen General Francisca. The video also teases a mysterious threat from the depths of space.

When Kirby Star Allies launches on March 16, it will be available in North America, Europe, and Japan.

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