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Kirby Star Allies New Abilities, Friends, & Videos

Nintendo has updated the official Japanese site for Kirby Star Allies with tons of new details. They also have plenty of new videos showing off abilities and friends. The company has uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming platformer as well. While it does not contain in-game footage, it does depict elements of the game in a stylish way.


One of the new powers on display allows Kirby to fight with a staff. Much like Sun Wukong’s legendary weapon, the staff can change its size.

Another of Kirby’s new abilities is rather festive. The single-use power will have the entire team dance together before clearing the screen of all minor enemies.

While we already knew about the new Artist ability, Nintendo has a new video that better illustrates how it works. In addition to creating living paintings, this power allows Kirby to sculpt stone structures and clobber enemies with them.


The site now has an extensive list of enemies that Kirby can befriend. Each character also has a short video showing what they can do as an ally. The cast includes:

Team Abilities

Among the plethora of new content are videos showing off techniques Kirby can perform with a team. By joining hands and twirling really fast, a full group can form a rolling wheel that crushes all before it.

A quartet of characters can also form a bridge with their bodies. This may seem useless in a game where the protagonist can fly, but this maneuver allows NPCs to cross gaps and open doors.

The power of friendship can also transform the team into a train. Much like the wheel, nothing can remain standing in the path of the train. However, this power allows the group to climb vertical surfaces without losing steam.

Everyone can also work together to pilot a warp star and freely fly through levels. While riding the star, the player in control can launch star projectiles to clear the path of enemies and obstacles.

Another page on the site shows what effects various power combinations can create.


Like most modern Kirby games, this entry in the series will include an assortment of mini-games. One of these involves chopping down trees while avoiding hazards.

Another has a baseball theme and requires players to time their input to set their power level and send the ball flying.

Kirby Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch will release in North America, Europe, and Japan on March 16, 2018.

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