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Killer Instinct Definitive Edition and Vinyl Announced

It seems as though Killer Instinct fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Microsoft has just given official word via the Xbox Youtube channel that a definitive edition of the rebooted Killer Instinct fighting game will make its way to store shelves. Not only was the definitive edition of the game announced, a vinyl record of the original Killer Cuts soundtrack from the vintage SNES version of the game.

The definitive edition of the game will bring with it a complete Killer Instinct package. Not only will there be a physical disc with the entire rooster of characters and accessories, excluding Shadow Jago, the definitive edition will also offer a character skin for Gargos, the original Killer Instinct 1 and 2 games and the soundtrack from the current Xbox One game. The entire package will cost just $40.

Previously only Season 1 of Killer Instinct had a physical release. It seems as though Killer Instinct has blown away Microsoft’s expectations with the added seasons and the title of most played fighting game on the Xbox.

Lastly, a Killer Instinct vinyl record was announced from I am 8bit. The record will host the music of the original Killer Cuts soundtrack that came with the SNES game. The covers were specifically made for this updated rendition and the Fullgore variant will be available to download this weekend only.

The news comes just as season 3 is about to end. It is rumored that the final character in the season will be announced at the world’s biggest esports fighting game event, EvO. The event will take place this weekend starting July 15 and will host a series of tournaments from games such as Guilty Gear, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter V and more.

For more on Killer Instinct and Evo 2016, follow TiCGN over the weekend as we cover the event.

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