Killer Instinct is Coming to Steam

At today’s CEO 2017¬†fighting game tournament Iron Galaxy and Microsoft announced a new audience for Killer Instinct. The 2.5D fighting game launch title for the Xbox One is coming to Steam. Killer Instinct’s arrival on Steam isn’t exactly a shocker to those who have been following the title. KI has already made a grand entrance in the PC space via the Windows 10 Store. The transition to Steam only allows for a greater audience of PC players to join in on the fun.

Not a lot of details were released on the PC version due to technical issues with the live broadcast. Although not officially announced, it may not be farfetched to see cross play between the Steam version of KI and the Xbox Live enabled versions. After all, Microsoft did allow cross play on Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch and PC owners.

The Steam release news comes just shortly after Microsoft announced several updates for Killer Instinct. At E3 Microsoft detailed a new 4K patch coming to the console version of Killer Instinct making it ready for the arrival of the Xbox One X later this year. Not only will the game look stunning at 4K 60fps, it will also gain a new fighter called Eagle. While a new season for Killer Instinct hasn’t been announced, it’s nice to see the game still receive some final additions to the game.

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