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Kill la Kill the Game: IF Coming to the Nintendo Switch

ArcSystemWorks has announced that Kill la Kill the Game: IF, will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. They also confirmed that characters Nui Harime and Ragyou Kiryuuin will be playable in-game as well. It’s been awhile since we have heard of any news regarding the game but ArcSystemworks has released more details this time pertaining to the game’s mechanics that you can check out below.

Kill la Kill the Game: IF will be a 3D action game where players will be able to move around the arena freely in battle. Players will also be able to use  various attacks, combos and special moves in order to achieve victory.

Players will also be able to use a technique called “Ketsui Testament”. When the L1 and R1 buttons are pressed together a screen will then appear prompting players to choose one of three options. This is somewhat similar to the Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi – a method of rock, paper, scissors to settle various clashes and attacks. When this sequence is won by either of the players involved, they will receive a massive power boost and will also gain access to an instant kill attack, that they can use to finish off their opponent.

Here is a bit of gameplay from Kill la Kill the Game: IF:


Source: ArcsSystemworks official Website, ArcsSystemworks official Twitter account 

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