The Kharybdiss Arrives in Total War: Warhammer II

When Total War: Warhammer II released in 2017, it was widely praised by players and critics alike. There was however one particularly glaring empty slot in the Dark Elf roster: the dreaded Kharybdiss. This fearsome sea beast wasn’t available to wreak havoc on the battlefield…until now. Today, the developers at Creative Assembly confirmed that the Kharybdiss would be arriving as a free add-on for anyone who owns The Queen and the Crone DLC.

The addition of the Kharybdiss was announced via the Total War Twitter account:

Excelling at munching on other monsters, the Kharibdyss may be slow and lumbering but its poisonous armour-piercing attacks are some of the hardest hitting in the game. Its terrifying presence and abyssal howl reduce the most courageous leaders to mere shadows of their former selves, and even dragons may end up reduced to little more than a mid-battle snack by one of its many mouths.

There’s also a very length list of patch notes, which you can read in detail right here.

I’m looking forward to wreaking havoc amidst the enemy lines with this sea creature. Hopefully we’ll find out what the next big expansion is fairly soon.

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