Keiji Yamagishi Announces A Ninja Gaiden Project

Keiji Yamagishi, the composer of the music for the Ninja Gaiden series, has announced that he is working on a Ninja Gaiden related project.

ninja gaiden

It is unknown what this project could be. Many fans of the Ninja Gaiden series will surely be hoping for a new game in the franchise. But it is important to remember that this could be a project related to a movie, a TV show or even a soundtrack. If it is however a new game Team Ninja will surely be hoping it goes down better than the last game in the series. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z has a user score of 4.5 on Metacritic for the PS3 version, based on 84 reviews. While the Xbox 360 version has a 5.3 rating based on 43 reviews.

Regardless, fans of the Ninja Gaiden series will be eagerly waiting on the edge of the seats until July when we receive more news on this project. You can be sure that when news of the project is made available, TiCGN will keep you updated.

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