Keatz the Lonely Bird Developer Starting An Indiegogo Campaign

The independent developer Amaxang Games is bringing their next game to the crowd funding world. Keatz the Lonely Bird is the next game currently under development. The campaign started on July 26 and ends in 2 months.

The campaign which you can find here is only seeking $500. The developer he is only asking for this low amount to fund the purchase of new equipment, pay off some small bills related to the game, and to help finish it. You can watch the trailer for Keatz the Lonely Bird below.


This game as you can tell is a platformer that will be available at a later date. The game is set to cost $2.99 and features:

  • Two worlds like “Real World” and “Dream World” which are interconnected.
  • A weapon with 3 Firing modes including Primary firing mode, Rocket Launcher mode and Laser mode.
  • Spinner blade and explosives to use for killing multiple enemies at once.
  • Challenging and engaging Boss Battles!
  • Collecting Special Items including Golden Leaf, Time machine and more.
  • Two possible endings based on the choices taken in the end since it is based on the story.
  • 6 lives to start and collect precious items including gems, money and other equipment.

To check out the campaign all you need to do is click this link here. The campaign has six different perks that give the player chances to either name a boss or have their name in the game itself. This game is only set to come out on PC.

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