Kakegurui to Launch on Netflix February 1st

The first season of Kakegurui will premier on Netflix February 1st.  The season appears to have a total of 12 episodes but not to worry. The second season of the anime has already been green-lit so you can expect even more episodes to watch. So what exactly is Kakegurui?

Well, the series follows the story of a young high roller named Yumeko Jabami. Yumeko’s goal is to enter a private a academy named Hyakkakou, a school for the wealthy. Hyakkakou embodies the spirit of gambling rather than the normal curriculum such as math and science, nor does the school have any athletics. Most of the lessons at Hyakkakou focus on reading your opponents and learning their behaviors during a game. The goal is to win big which is what almost everyone seems to do at the school.

However, the winners in the school are treated like royalty while the losers are treated like second class citizens. In fact, students who lose their fortunes to their peers practically become slaves to the winners. How well will Yumeko fare against the wealthy and elite gamblers at the school? Her presence disrupts the established hierarchy at the school and the the student council is not pleased by her presence. Take a look at the trailer for the upcoming season below.

Like many anime, this series is adapted from a manga. This one was published by Square Enix Gangan (yes, they have a manga business as well). There is a western adaptation of the manga from Yen Press. The anime launched in Japan last July so it is great to see Netflix bringing relatively new anime series to the West.

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