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Justice League Thankfully Ends Phase One on DC Movies

Update 1/21/19– I just wanted to say I was right. Aquaman is a huge success and DC needs to stay away from the shared universe.

I recently sat down and watched the Justice League movie. For the most part I didn’t hate the movie. I enjoyed many aspects of the movie. The one thing I loved the most is that this feels like the end to a Phase One in the DC movie universe that over stayed its welcome.

I can see that these movies are just not perfect. For me the perfect Batman was actually Micheal Keaton in the original movie. That’s the character I grew up with. Yet I feel the better Joker was played by Heath Ledger. It seems that fans forget DC Comics has this crazy multiverse with different versions of your favorite heroes and villains. Now saying that, I hope the end to this experiment I call Phase One of the DC movie universe is over.

Let’s just be honest about this first group of movies. A few worked really well while most of them just didn’t seem right. Given the overall direction it wouldn’t be hard to replace Ben Affleck as Batman, since he apparently doesn’t want to be a part of this any more. That said, having him come back to another Justice League movie shouldn’t be a problem; money speaks to all working individuals.They could always introduce some new chemical that made Bruce Wayne younger or set the movies in a different multiverse. The possibilities are so exciting for the future of DC movies. The lists that keep floating around with a future lineup of DC films just needs to stop. We know Aquaman is coming next and that a Shazam movie along with the possible chance to see Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in the next Suicide Squad.

DC just doesn’t need to follow Marvels formula with these movies. We don’t need a huge team up movie every four or five movies. They need to keep things rolling in small doses  for just a few more years. Spend more time figuring out if they want a dark and dearly style or more funny Marvel style. Putting them together just really doesn’t give fans the best product.

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