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Justice League Comic Con 2017 Sneak Peak Trailer

Today at Comic Con 2017 Warner Brothers has released a new trailer for DC’s superhero ensemble film Justice League. With a cast of heroes composed of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman, Justice League will be the focal point of the DC Extended Universe by director Zack Snyder which hopes to rival main competitor Marvel.

With the reintroduction of Superman in the film Man of Steel, DC began constructing its shared word metahuman universe. Unfortunately for the DC corner, its following films were less than stellar. Both Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad were harshly criticized leaving the company with a bruised eyes. With their world on the verge of collapse it was up to their heroine to save the DCEU.

While past DC hero films have come into scrutiny, Wonder Woman has ushered a beam of light at the end of the tunnel and her influence is not overlooked in this trailer. Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s and the Amazon’s homeland, is prominent in the trailer and serve as the entry point for the main villain Steppenwolf.

Check out the full trailer below. Justice League releases November 2017.


Justice League Comic Con Poster

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