I Just Don’t Care About E3 Console Wars Anymore

With E3 approaching, the war of words between fanboys has begun anew. Now that Microsoft will be showing off the new Xbox Scorpio machine this week, it has just gotten so annoying. My stance in this “war’ is one that I just don’t care anymore. Let me explain that statement.

As I have gotten older I have found that I don’t have the time to be as involved in the gaming world as I want. This is due to my adult responsibilities like work, husband, father, and son duties. Finding more than an hour to go online and read futile fanboy drivel is just not in the cards anymore.

E3 to me is a great time for gamers to enjoy the future of gaming be it some new fad that will surely go away after a few years or some awesome new game. This is more of a message to all gamers out in the world. Enjoy your consoles for what they are to you. Not what they should be to other players. Just stop forcing yourself on other players, it gets really old and annoying.

Now if you ask me what console I prefer I will tell you – all of them. From Nintendo to PC, I don’t have a problem jumping onto any of them. I feel like the gaming community would be better if players spent less time arguing over consoles and more time discussing content. So enjoy E3 2017 and lets hope for some excellent games in the next week or so. I really could use a game that just blows me off my feet. It has been some time since that has happened. With that little rant over I hope all of you enjoy this year’s E3 and remember, I just don’t care anymore about the console wars.

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