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Jump – A Subscription-Based Indie Game Service

Ever wanted to pay a small monthly fee to try out all the indie games you ever wanted? Well, now you can! Introducing Jump, a monthly subscription based indie game service that delivers dozens of quality indie games to your PC. Sporting their very own client, you can currently find 63 (at the time of this posting) great indie games of varying genres available in Jump.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. How much does it cost? How do I get started? How many games are available? How many games are added each month? You know, the important stuff. Let’s start with cost. Jump offers a free 14-day trial right out of the gate, so you can decide if you want to subscribe or not. Try everything out for 2 weeks, no hassle, no credit card required. If you decide you want to subscribe, it’s $9.99 (US dollars) per month. That’s just a tad more than Netflix.

At the time of this post, Jump current has 63 games available. That’s not a bad number, and if you wanted to try them all, it would take you awhile. If you decided you like them all, that’s great value for your buck. It takes awhile to complete 63 games, no matter what they are. Each month, you can expect around 10 new games to be added, further expanding your available library of indie games.

I really like the overall look and feel of the client. Games are organized by genre, and you can also Favorite the ones you like into their own category. The client also has a tab for games you’ve recently played, as well as a search tab. This allows you to check for any games in the client should you be looking for specific ones.

All in all, I think the Jump service is a viable option for those who don’t already have a sizeable Steam account, or those who are strictly interested in indie games. $9.99 for unlimited play time and access to dozens of great games isn’t a bad deal.


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