Josh Trank implies that the studio meddled with his Fantastic Four movie


Speculation had been flying since the beginning of production on the reboot film featuring Marvel’s first family. Obviously it is common knowledge that the rights to these characters do not currently reside with Marvel Studios but instead with 20th Century Fox. Fantastic Four released this week in cinemas and the scene was bleak.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score lower than Adam Sandler’s Pixels and Vacation it’s the lowest rated movie currently showing at the box office. However according to the films director, Josh Trank, this is not due to any ineptitude on his part. In a tweet that was swiftly deleted Trank implies that it was in post-production that the studio altered his movie. Interesting indeed as many reviewers noted that the film took a leaf out of The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s book and spent far too long setting up potential further films. A sequel is scheduled to release June 9, 2017.


Whatever the reason for the Fantastic Four’s poor turn out, it looks like it may struggle to recoup its $120 million production cost after being predicted a weak $28 million weekend take. Have you seen the reboot? What did you think of it? For more movie, TV and gaming news published daily stick right here to TiCGN!


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