Jill Soloway takes over as director for Red Sonja movie

If it seems as if the Red Sonja reboot movie from Millenium Films has been stuck in development for years, that is because it has. The latest setback for the film is that Bryan Singer – hired to direct the film about nine months ago – is off the project. Jill Soloway is now said to be the writer and director for the next Red Sonja movie. Soloway seems like an odd choice to helm a project about a heroine in a fantasy setting. She is mainly known for her work on Transparent and Six Feet Under.

Red Sonja premiered in the 1970s within the pages of the Conan the Barbarian comic books. Despite being a reasonable popular character in the comic books, only one movie was made about the character. That film was released in 1985 and featured Brigitte Nielsen in the role of the titular hero. A reboot movie was in the works and could possibly have starred Rose McGowan as Red Sonja but the production never got off of the ground. A new round of casting will be held to find the actress who will step into the boots of Sonja.

No official explanation has been provided for Singer’s removal from the project. The director has been under fire for allegations of sexual misconduct. While Singer denies the allegations, it just may be that Millennium Films would rather not be associated with him at this time.

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