Jason Bourne is in The Top Spot This Weekend

It is starting to look like most movies that are being released this summer will only take the top spot on their opening weekend. With so many movies being released each weekend it is difficult to stay on top for long unless your a talking fish. The newest Jason Bourne movie knocked Star Trek Beyond from the top spot. The first Bourne movie in the past 9 years that actually features Matt Damon as the title character did make a splash at this weekends box office by taking in $60 million. The Bourne movie is currently sitting right in the middle of reviewed movies at Rotten Tomatoes.

The rest of the movies that where released this weekend all made it into the top ten. Nerve made a dismal $9 million while the movie Bad Moms made it’s budget back with $23 million. Star Trek fell to second place only taking in $24 million this weekend. The total for Star Trek Beyond is sitting at a world wide total of $160 million. I really don’t know if this will be the end of the series since the movie hasn’t even reached the budget of $180 million.

Top Five Weekend Movies

  1. Jason Bourne – $60 million
  2. Star Trek Beyond – $24 million
  3. Bad Moms – $23 million
  4. The Secret Life of Pets – $18 million
  5. Lights Out – $10 million

The summer is slowly winding down and I really have no clue where it all went. One moment I was overly excited to watch Batman v Superman with a few month wait for Suicide Squad. Now that movie is only a week away and it looks like it will be one of the biggest movies this year. Squad will destroy the completion by taking well over $100 million in it’s first week. I can see this movie staying on top for the next few weeks. Nine Lives releases on the same day and I know this movie will bomb compared to Suicide Squad.

If you went out and watch Jason Bourne let me know in the comment section below. TICGN did not review it and I know that i will be waiting for the rental version of this movie. If you like it or not we still want to know.


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