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Update on James Gunn’s Involvement in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is mere days away now and the anticipation for the movie is at fever pitch. With the first movie being an unexpected super hit for Marvel, they will be hoping this sequel can live up to the sky high expectations. Already though there is one eye on the future of the franchise. Captain America and Iron Man have already completed their trilogies, whilst Thor’s will wrap up in November with the hotly awaited Ragnarok. The third Guardians of the Galaxy┬ámovie is already in the works but there have been question marks over who will be involved. Fan-favourite James Gunn helmed the first two movies, and despite some uncertainty in the past, he has now confirmed he will take charge of the third film. Gunn will both write and direct the feature.

You can read his full post on his facebook page here:

Well, this week we start the U.S. press junket, before traveling to Europe at the end of the week. Of course I know some…

Posted by James Gunn on Monday, April 17, 2017

Gunn points out that it’s his love for the characters that drew him back in for the third adventure. He also mentions that this post-Infinity War film will help move the universe forward with both new and old characters. This is something Marvel has been moving towards since Avengers: Age of Ultron especially, with some big name stars’ contracts running out in the near future.

Gunn’s decision to return for another installment is also an unprecedented move in the Marvel cinematic universe. Whilst Jon Favreau and Joss Whedon took charge of two Iron Man movies and two Avengers movies respectively, neither one stayed on for a third film. The Russo brothers have brought us two Captain America movies and will be doing two Avengers movies also. But Gunn is the first director to complete a trilogy for a single character/group of characters.

This could be a blessing or a curse. Gunn’s distinctive style will be printed over all three movies, much like Christopher Nolan and the Dark Knight trilogy, thus giving it a cohesive feel. However, there is always the (albeit slight) chance that without a fresh pair of eyes the movies feel all too similar. Captain America for example, benefited from shifts in director and in theme. We shall just have to see when Guardians Vol 2 gets released in a couple of weeks and the third movie in the future.

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