J.J. Abrams snubs Apple; Signs exclusive deal with WarnerMedia

Whatever your opinions may be of J.J. Abrams, the man has certainly made a name for himself in Hollywood. If major franchises such as Star Trek and Star Wars being entrusted to his production company – Bad Robot Productions – was not proof enough of his clout, the fact that he just signed a $250 million exclusivity contract with WarnerMedia ought to convince you.

This particular deal means that Bad Robot Productions will create original shows and movies exclusively for WarnerMedia over a five year period. No specific titles have been announced as of this writing but Warner Bros. has a very close relationship with DC Comics so a Batman or even a Superman movie helmed by Abrams is not out of the question.

Back in June we reported on the rumor that Abrams and WarnerMedia were negotiating a $500 million contract. The actual deal was for considerably less money – only half of the rumored amount.

Interestingly enough, Abrams was reportedly offered a massive $500 million deal – from Apple of all companies. The tech giant known for Mac computers and iOS mobile devices was said to have been keen to sign Abrams in a deal for producing content for Apple TV Plus. Abrams is said to have rejected the deal from Apple for a number of reasons including a lack of compelling franchises owned by the company. The freedom to keep commitments with other entertainment companies was also thought to be important to Abrams and would not have been possible under a contract with Apple.

How do you feel about the deal between Abrams and WarnerMedia? Would you be interested in seeing him try his hand with characters from the DCComics universe?

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