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Is The Black Clover Anime Worth Watching Now?

With 49 episodes released so far, it appears that anime fans are still not watching Black Clover. Why? Well, I believe the answer is quite simple – the first 10 episodes were paced very slowly, the main character Asta voice was horrendous and although the art and animation was amazing, the plot left much to be desired. The Black Clover anime has deserved all of the criticisms thrown at it from the beginning.

However, I now feel that the anime has found its way and is easily one of the best shows currently in production. The art and animation is still great most of the time, the story has picked up and the fight scenes are breathtaking and exciting to watch. The Black Bulls are each unique in their own way giving a sense of depth to the group instead of coming across as one-dimensional.

Yami is easily one of my top favorite characters in the series with the latest episode featuring a finishing move that shattered dimensions; it was absolutely crazy! And of course, Asta with the never give up attitude like all Shonen characters, you can’t help but root for the underdog. The creator of the series, Yūki Tabata, has used many Shonen tropes such as “never give up” or “my friends give me the power to fight”. He has strayed away from other normalities like the main character being unable to finish off some of the stronger villains when clearly he isn’t powerful enough.

Black Clover deserves the respect it has earned and I urge everyone who may have stopped watching the series to give it another try. I won’t go too far and say its the best series out but it is at the top along with the My Hero and other series.

The Black Clover anime will extend its run in October starting with a brand new arc. If you would rather watch the English dub of the series, you can check out Funimation or catch the show Saturday on Toonami at 1:00 am.


Joshua D.
Joshua D.
Just a Guy who loves Anime and Video Games

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