Is A New Conker Game In The Works?

A new Conker game has been one of the most demanded Xbox exclusive games for a long time, well there’s now a chance that a new game in the cult classic series is coming!

Former WWE star Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy) has posted an instagram post that states: “Voiceover work for a top super secret squirrel video game project. Much fun! Thanks to my friend Steven Jaros for hooking it up!”

Now this could be for any game, perhaps a new IP about squirrels, but the fact that Steve Jaros is involved with the game is a good hint that it could be Conker. Steve Jaros was the creative director of the Saints Row series, a series known for its crude humor much like Conker; perhaps he’s jumped from one comedic series to another? However, last we heard of Jaros he was leaving Voilition for Valve. Did he jump ship again to work on Conker or is this actually for a Valve game?

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