Iron Banner is Coming Next Week for Destiny 2

Next week Destiny 2 players will be taking part in Iron Banner. Since the game has had some issues the seasonal events had to be pushed back. After Faction Rallies players will finally get a chance to collect some of the Iron Banner weapons and armor they needed. This is event will count as a Season Two event.

Iron Banner will start on January 30th and end on February 6th. The game for Iron Banner will be Control. Even with the last Faction Rallies players found some serious issues that have caused many to stop playing. Bungie is hoping that with this event players will come back to the fold. Players will be able to purchase certain items from Lord Saladin and Season One items will also appear as you play. Expect to see some new Ornaments as well. Actually, if you play right now you can see what you need to unlock them if you have the previous Iron Banner armor equipped.

Below you can see the weapons and other items that will be available during the event. The ship is something Bungie didn’t show. The blog stated:

“The only thing not pictured is the Iron Banner ship. We’ll save that for when you discover it yourself.”
Hopefully it’s better than some of the Osiris ships that have been showing up. With the release of  the Monster Hunter and Dragon Ball games we may not see as many players showing up next week. Maybe you can take a small break and check out the event. Don’t forget that TiCGN has the premier Iron Lords podcast. A must for Destiny fans!


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