Iron Banner is Coming to Destiny 2

It seems just like yesterday we all had been waiting for the launch of Destiny 2. Now after you defeated the Ghaul and helped Dead Orbit become the top Faction is seems like nothing is coming in terms of new content. Well, it turns out we have another event coming next week.

Iron Banner will be making it’s first rounds on Destiny 2. Starting on October 10th at 2am Pacific time, players will get the chance to play Control. Players will be split into teams of four during the match; it will be a team-on-team event. You won’t have to worry about being solo in this Iron Banner. The event will end on October 17th at 2am Pacific. Now if you haven’t finished the campaign you won’t be able to take part in the Control event. You need to unlock the tower to have your time in this event.

Expect some significant changes to Iron Banner. Players will not deal with bounties or ranks, instead they will unlock engrams with Tokens. Now we also will have certain milestones that can be completed and those will be daily and season milestones. Below you can see what the armor will look like for each class.

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