Insidious Chapter 4 is Coming to Haunt You

The horror series Insidious is getting a 4th movie. Insidious Chapter 4 has just been announced. The movies that have come before have all had the same tone: a family horribly shaken and attacked by unknown forces from beyond. Most horror franchises won’t go away and it really looks like Insidious is going to be around for a bit.

The one character that has remained in all of these movies even though “SPOILER” died in the first one is Lin Shayne, the parapsychologist that has a deep connect to these hauntings.  Fans of the movie can expect Lin Shayne to continue her role in some form Insidious Chapter 4, which will be reaching out to grab you on Oct. 20th, 2017.

Details on what the movie is actually going to be are scarce at the moment. You can expect more information to come out and when it does I have it for you. Check out this link to watch  the “unveiling” of the movie title and release date. Let us know how you feel about another Insidious movie in the comment section below.

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