Infinity, a Game Boy Color Game, is Being Released for Free After 15 Years of Cancelation

Being stuck in development hell takes on a new definition as a classic Game Boy Color game has been in limbo for over 15 years. Unfortunately, the project was never completed and the studio became defunct back in 2007. The game itself has been in hibernation ever since 2001. The team behind it, Affinix Software, is now a ghost of its former self as the team has disbanded over the years leaving only a select few looking back at their unfinished work. After some regret over the unfinished game, the few remaining team members decided to release it to the public.

Simply titled Infinity, the game sports everything a classic JRPG would have in the old Game Boy days. Not only does it have legitimate pixel art graphics and gameplay from another era, it also has all the short comings of the older games. According to the Affinix website, the game is about the same as when the project was abandoned minus some bug fixes meaning that many classic gameplay nuances are to be expected. Still, it’s cool to see an old unreleased part of gaming history see the light of day.

An Infinity Rom file has been released by the Affinix team as a preview of what could have been. Because of its incomlete state, the Affinix team points out that 1/4 of the game is playable while the rest is still a bit unorganized. About 90% of the game is complete but because it was developed out of order, it wouldn’t be possible to publicly publish most of the game. Still, the team has hope that the game may one day be complete and have posted the source code up on github in hope someone could complete the game. That is assuming they can not complete the project themselves with help from potential Kickstarter of course. Perhaps one day we might see the game release on the Virtual Console as the Nintendo game it should have been.

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