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Indivisible Will Be Available on Switch

You may remember Indivisible from its demo which launched on all platforms before its crowdfunding campaign ended. Now Lab Zero Games have announced that they are bringing the action RPG to the Switch as well.

The game features a mix of 2D platforming sections and action RPG combat. While exploring, the protagonist gains quite a few abilities that allow her to reach previously inaccessible areas. In battle, the party’s attack gauges gradually fill and players can unleash combos when ready. They also need to watch for enemy attacks and block as necessary. As the game goes on, the party will gradually grow to include a large cast with a variety of unique attacks.

Indivisible Collector's Edition

Pre-orders for a collector’s edition are currently open. This special physical edition of the game is only available by ordering direct from their site. Contents include:

  • The game itself on the platform of your choice
  • A steelbook for the game
  • An APET slipcover for the steelbook
  • A full color art manual
  • Digital wallpapers
  • The digital soundtrack
  • A digital download code

Indivisible has no official launch date yet, but the publisher is aiming to release it in 2018. In addition to the Switch, it will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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