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ILP 80 | Telltale Closure | PS Classic | BC overrated? | Sony Handhelds | Switch Gamesharing

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast. On today’s show the Lords are joined last minute by Lord @AnchormanV2. After intros the Lords jump immediately into the topics of the day. First off, the Lords discuss the sudden closure of Telltale Games and the possible reasons for the studio’s demise. Next, Lord King talks about the PS Classic announcement and Sony’s possible plans for future iterations of the hardware. Afterwards, Lord Cognito talks about PS Now downloads and Sony’s evolving stance on backward compatability. Then, Lord Sovereign discusses the death of the PS Vita and questions whether Sony is truly leaving the portable market. Finally, the Lords discuss the Nintendo Switch Online service and its surprise “game sharing” features. ILP 80 is in the books!




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