ILP 69 ft Snalydo | Next Gen 2019? | Xbox Scarlet Japanese Devs | Switch Stock Plummets | EA Motive

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast. On today’s show the Lords are joined by Patreon subscriber and philanthropic Twitch streamer, Lord Peter Leone AKA Snalydo. After a lengthy combat talk segment and a discussion about Lord Snalydo’s gaming history and IT background, the Lord’s jump into the topics of the day. Lord King starts things off with a discussion about the possibility of next gen hardware arriving in 2019. Afterwards, Lord Addict talks about the positive effect of Microsoft including Japanese developers in the planning process of their next gen hardware. Then, Lord Cognito analyzes the drop in Nintendo’s stock price post E3. Finally, Lord Sovereign expresses his concern over EA Motive working on too many projects simultaneously. ILP 69 is in the books!

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