ILP 51 ft Sam Tolbert | Metroid Prime 4 online? | UNREAL vs XB1X | PUBG roadmap? | Fighting Games

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast! On today’s show, the Lords are joined by TICGN writer and editor, Sam Tolbert. Lord Cognito kicks off the show with a discussion about possible Metroid Prime 4 developers and online functionality. Lord Addict follows with commentary on Unreal Engine 4 compatibility on Xbox One. Lord King then talks about PUBG’s success and the necessity for preview program or early access games to provide a clear roadmap for the future of each game. Finally, Lord Sovereign discusses the state of the fighting game genre and possible ways the genre can evolve to appeal to a wider audience. This is ILP 51!

0:45 – Samuel Tolbert intro
3:51 – Combat Sports Recap!
13:52 – Lord Addict arrives!
15:08 – Lord Cognito petitions to remove Lord Anchorman from MULTIVERSE based on his Top 5 MCU films. LOL #WinterSoldierTop5MCUFilm #BlackPantherAftermath
20:32 -What have the Lords Playing?
21:13 – Lord Sam previews Crytec’s Hunt Showdown (SPOTLIGHT)
24:35 – The Lords appreciate CryEngine
27:47 – Planet Xbox invades the chat to attack Lord Addict on his PS4 game choices! lol
32:36 – Story time with Lord King PUBG & the Wolves! LOL
38:07 – Kingdom Come Deliverance Spotlight! (Shout out RDX, Short Pause & NLG Gaming Podcasts)
43:11 – Namco/Metroid Prime 4 online rumors & Ridge Racer 8 exclusive to Switch?
58:45 – UNREAL ENGINE vs Xbox One X! Exhibit A (Gravel no HDR!) & Exhibit B (Tekken 7 no 4K!) Lazy Devs or Unreal too complex?
1:01:58 – Lord Sam presents the Gears 4 4K HDR Unreal Argument! & Lord King is pleased vs Lord Sovereign (ILP#50 revisited) LOL
1:12:02 – Does PUBG & Game Preview Games mandate a roadmap?
1:20:33 – Lord King vs Lord Anchor (PUBG wars) & Lord Anchor enters to defend his MCU Movie HONOR. #LANGUAGE LOL
1:37:44 – Fighting Games on the Decline? How do they adapt?
1:52:20 – The Lords reminisce on Soul Calibur/Kilik, Virtua Fighter, Shenmue, Last Battle, & VINTAGE Iron Lord gaming stories! LOL
2:08:40 – New ILP Poll

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