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Hyper Universe Coming To Xbox One In August

The free-to-play MOBA Hyper Universe will launch on Xbox One this summer according to the game’s developer, Nexon. The release date will be August 7th and the publisher, Nexon, has released an announcement trailer you can watch below:

Hyper Universe is a 2D MOBA which currently has a cast of 39 characters known as Hypers with more coming in the future. These characters represent a variety of gameplay styles and all have a diverse array of skins you can select. In a fairly unusual twist for a MOBA, your characters will have most of their abilities unlocked right away though their Ultimate moves will be available once they reach level 6. You form teams from your available characters and fight in a variety of game modes including 4v4 multiplayer, 1v4 Co-Op and custom matches. Money earned from successful matches can be used to upgrade and customize your characters.

Hyper Universe offers a rotating roster of free-to-play characters but gamers who purchase the Ultimate Hypers Pac for $20 will have access to all 39 Hypers as well as all future Hypers (it would cost about $120 to unlock all of this separately). You will also get six character skins exclusive to the Xbox One version of the game. If you pre-order the Ultimate Hypers Pac by August 6th you will also get the Aurora’s Arrow skin for Celine to use on launch day.

Expect to see more of Hyper Universe during the Mixer E3 stream.

Jason Mckendricks
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