Humble Mobile Bundle: Crescent Moon Games Brings 11 Titles To Your Device

Some people may think that mobile gaming is limited to experiences such as Game of War or Candy Crush – games that are good for killing time here and there but not very in-depth or riddled with micro-transactions. The thing is, there actually are in-depth gaming experiences for Android phones and tablets if you know where to look. The fine folks at Crescent Moon Games have teamed up with the Humble Mobile Bundle to bring you up to eleven diverse games and best of all – you decide how much money you want to pay.

For those of you who may be new to the Humble Mobile Bundle, here is how it works. The games are divided into tiers. Paying the minimum amount of one dollar gets you four games to play on your Android device right away. You can also pay five dollars and get all eleven games or pay some amount in between. You will then need to install the Humble Bundle app to your device and from there you can access your games.

Here is what you get in the current Humble Mobile Bundle:

Pay at least $1 and get:

Stellar Wanderer – An open universe awaits you. Choose your role from a fighter, trader, tank or engineer. Then pick out a spaceship and customize it with your choice of a hundred items. Will you fight battles, mine for minerals or make a living as a trader? The campaign takes about 10 hours to complete and there are plenty of side quests as well.

EXILES –A futuristic open world RPG which put you in the role of an Enforcer. A shadowy corporation is trying to enslave your colony. This game features a large open world to explore, vehicles to use and giant aliens to battle.

Almightree: The Last Dreamer – This is a 3D puzzle platformer with over 100 different levels and 40 challenges to conquer. As you progress you will unlock cut scenes which reveal the story of the Almightree.

Super Atomic Launcher – This 2D puzzle platformer has you navigating planets, battling aliens and lots of spaceships to use. There’s even controller support for those precision challenges.

Pay more than the average price and receive:

The Deer God – Explore a beautiful 3D pixel world as a deer. Level up those antlers, uncover ancient secrets, survive through days and nights and never forget that karma may punish or reward your choices.

Maze Lord – A Rougelike for your mobile device! Over 100 levels stand between you and the King’s treasure vault. Use items to avoid snake bites, spider webs, skeleton foes and lethal floor spikes.

Ravensword: Shadowlands – Think of this series as an Elder Scrolls-lite for mobile. You get a 3D world to explore, you can switch from third or first person view, wield your choice of weapon, pick locks, cast magic and even ride a flying mount.

Aralon: Forge and Flame – Another Elder Scrolls inspired RPG. You can choose from a male or female character and one of three different races. There are tons of items and weapons to use and the skill tree system lets you customize your character’s powers.

You also get the $1 tier games.

Pay $5 and get:

All of the games listed above and the following three titles as well:

Legend of the Skyfish – You’d be forgiven for thinking this game looks similar to The Legend of Zelda. It’s a top-down 3D action adventure game but this one is a bit more focused on puzzle solving. Use a fishing hook or grappling hook to make your way across 45 hand painted levels and some truly epic boss levels.

2-bit Cowboy Rides Again – The original 2-bit Cowboy was a 2D platformer with a Game Boy inspired aesthetic. An all new adventure awaits as you ride horses and minecarts, explore a flooded town, bring bandits to justice and even stop by the saloon for a drink.

The Deep Paths: Labyrinth of Andokost – A tribute to the first person dungeon crawlers of old, this game offers high quality visuals, old school combat and a light hearted story.

Which game from the Humble Mobile Bundle will you play first? I think I’m going to start with Stellar Wanderer.

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